Welcome to Gulf Cement Company

A leading economic edifice, a pillar of the state economy and one of the industry’s leading companies to produce the best cement types and a global specification in addition to producing electric power by taking advantage of the lost heat, it contributes to the state’s march in the environment and industry down to space Innovation for future design.
Since its establishment in 1977, we played a key role as a partner in the economic development process in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, through its contribution to the manufacture and production of cement and clinker and the cement industry is one of the most valuable industries that characterize the United Arab Emirates and the main factor for its economic growth.

Giant cement industry in United Arab Emirates

Taking the lead ahead of the all the companies that are producing cement in the country , which is  basis of the national economy , GCC supports construction sector with various cement types and it derivatives with a world-class product matching to American, British and European standards and contribute effectively to the implementation of infrastructure projects at the country level. The company is also proud of using it cement product in most development project and the countries mega infrastructural projects such as airports, seaports, buildings, roads, bridges, industrial islands and other vital projects in the country.

Gulf Cement (Fastest innovator  with latest technology) is continuing its success through in order to enhance its’ permanent superiority to preserve the achievements of the present and the future.