Clinker Storage with modern Technology


The first company to introduce American technology to build a dome silo to store clinker in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the largest clinker storage facilities in the world.

History and facts


Searchs all new technology in the world since the establishment of the company.

 In the 1990s, the company was the first to launch the high-efficiency Bag filter House technology from the American company M/s Fuller Inc as an alternative to the ESP technique.

Technologies for Waste Heat Recovery

 The company succeeded in creating the largest unit to produce electric power from the lost heat of the production lines in one place, and considered strategically important environmental and economic projects , where they contribute to support the company’s march towards and maintain a sustainable environment.

Alternative Fuel

 We work without ambiguity and with high efficiency , relying on the ambitions of the management , competence and dedication of the company’s employees to be proactive in taking advantage of all opportunities, in 1998 we imported heavy fuel oil (1000 CST viscosity), which was processed and transported at high temperature, in addition other usage of  liquid fuel oils (600 cst, 380 cst , 180 cst) as well as petcoke , we are currently working on the introduction of other  alternative fuels.