Company Strategy

The Executive Management of GCC operates under the umbrella of the Board of Directors to protect the acquisition and safeguarding investors right and deal  under all circumstances, according to the best industrial practices and highest degree of readiness.The Executive Management has established a highly efficient operational plan which  leads to best production plan for the company and add effectively to  for making appropriate and  arrive at suitable decisions to reach the best results.The Board of Directors are keen on adjusting this strategy according to the realistic events associated with them & also correct and direct the paths in a manner that achieves the planned objectives.

Our Vision


  • Community-based partnerships that promote national identity.

  • To achieve the principles of governance, efficiency, transparency and the safeguarding of investor rights.
  • Modern industry with Eco-friendliness.
  • Establish as an effective, competitive, knowledge, economy and development partner.

  • Keep up with and achieve the highest standards of global quality.


Our Values


  • Our commitment as an active company in society.

  • Establish strong constructive relationships with all sides.

  • Adopt the spirit of the one working Group through a positive spirit of initiative.

  • Application of the principles of institutional discipline and professional conduct.

  • Support innovation and motivate the creators of the company.
  • Promoting the spirit of loyalty and belonging to the company.


Our Goals


  • Leading the cement industry locally and globally by continuously updating, expanding the company’s manufacturing facilities and activities, and creating a large and efficient marketing network.
  • Ensure sustained growth in business and activities and strengthen our position in the industry sector.
  • Maintaining the global quality of our products.
  • Promote best operational practices and use best technology to achieve the best industry at the lowest cost and create a sustainable environment.
  • To fulfil our commitments to all, to achieve integrated development and to protect the environment.